Slastina Yulia Leonidovna

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Contact phone(s): 8(8142)576520 / Fax: 8(8142)57-84-64
Address: Aleksander Nevsky st., 50
185030 Petrozavodsk,
Republic of Karelia

Scientific speciality: hydrobiology

Education: Petrozavodsk State University, Department of Biology.

Major research trends: ecology of phytoplankton, chlorophyll analysis

Keywords: phytoplankton, photosynthesis pigments, dimensional structure of phytoplankton

Scientific publications: Published near 20 research papers. The main direction of research is ecological significance of phytoplankton, composition and content in polytypic stream and water body of Karelia.

Curriculum Vitae:
I graduated from the Department of Biology of Petrozavodsk State University, specialized in ecological toxicology. In the 2002 year I finished the Post-Graduate School of Karelian Research Center, RAS, specializing in ecology.
Can speak, read and understand English sufficiently well.

Last modified: January 13, 2011